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Word Out to Auntie Lisa and Uncle Ian

Today my good friends Ian and Lisa came over and took Eli out to the Discovery Museum for a few hours to go have fun, etc. and give us a bit of a break with only one child in our hands. After they got back, they hung for a few moments, then went home. As it was, we had a second visit coming in from our friends Jason and Jen, and their daughters Iris and Alex, and the house was getting crowded, so as much as I wanted them to stay, it was also cool that they bowed out and left us to a smaller crowd.

I have to say, it’s a rare friend that will come and take your 4-year-old out to play for a few hours, just for the hell of it, expecting nothing in return other than the time they get to spend with him. I know that Eli will grow up thinking Ian and Lisa are the coolest people he knows, and I hope that Isaac will also get to bask in some of that glory. Thanks guys. I also really want to hang out with YOU too, so let’ try to work out a visit where you can hang out with us into the evening, after Eli goes to bed, and we’re doing the baby juggle. Maybe even sometime in the next month, BOTH kids might go to bed, leaving us with some *shudder* adult time. But, that’s just crazy talk. 🙂

So I tip my hat to auntie Lisa and Uncle Ian. Thanks for being so cool!

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