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An evening with Eli and Iris

These two never cease to amuse me when they get together. it’s like they resonate each others energies and amplify them in ways unknown to mortal man. Tonight at one point, Eli proclaimed he was getting married to Iris, then later we found him running around with his pants off — I guess he was ready to perform the nuptual. They have have this game they play every time they get together where one of them will say something like ‘I don’t have a drink’, and the other will repeat it right after. This is usually followed with exuberant laughter, and is repeated… over and over again. The volume and hysteria will usually escalate until an adult or 4 have to actually intercede and bring the two back down to earth. And then, they strangely fall into quiet play and behave themselves wonderfully… until the next bout of crazies erupt, then the cycle repeats.

All I can say is, it’s always fun getting them together, and it’s often exhausting. I can only imagine what it’s gonna be like when Isaac and Alex get old enough to join in the fray full-force. Watch out, we may need bullet-proof straight jackets for the parents before this is over.

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