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Be the base (of my pyramid scheme)

Okay, I did it. I signed up for that damned free iMac Mini give-away, and of course — it’s a pyramid scheme. You need to get 10 people to sign up for one of the damned lame services they offer, then and only then do they ship you your iMac mini. But… there is a way to work the system. You can sign up, you join blockbuster’s service, and you can cancel immediately online right after, and it still counts. All I need is ten willing friends to click this link here, sign up, join blockbuster and then quit, and I’ll have myself a brand-new free iMac Mini. What do you get out of it? I’ll give you $5 (let me know you’re gonna do it first, so I don’t get 100 people asking for a finsky), and I’ll pay any fees that the sharks don’t refund. So, you’re out five minutes of your time, and you do a friend a favor. We together work the system, and I get a new media center for my living room that Eli can play video games on. Plus, I’ll cook you dinner.

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