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Get a Haircut!

Last night I had a dream that my grandfather told me to get a haircut. I teased him that I’m letting it grow long again. But, I think in this case he’s right – it’s time for me to go get a snip. Now, I’m faced with the dillemma of who to get my appointment with…
When I first started going to my salon, I started with a woman referred to me from my good friend Ian who was ranked as one of the best male stylists in the area. Julia was her name, and for a while she gave me a very cool, whimsical hair style that I liked a lot. Unfortunately, Julia left DiPietro Todd for a period of time (undisclosed reasons, but it sounded disciplinary). During that time, I started seeing Maya, who is really cool as a person, and I really like hanging out during the hair styling, and by now I’ve seen her like 6 times more than Julie. We talk about kids and life and philosophy and Burning Man (she’s gone many times, really things I should go), and I really dig her, but I never liked her haircuts quite as much as Julia’s. Now, it’s not like Maya does a bad job — on the contrary, she cuts hair very well. It’s just… the style she tends to give me is more conservative and less creative that I would like, and Julia was a bit more out-there with her styling. So, do I make the appointment with Julia, and possibly have a weird moment if Maya sees me seeing another stylist, or do I keep with Maya because we have the strong relationship, and be happy with a more conservative cut, or do I work through Maya to try to get her to make my cut a little more crazy and fun? I know — it’s only hair, and this is a ridiculous conversation, but it’s the shit that goes through my head every once in a while. I’ll probably make the appointment with Julia and see if I still like her style more. I’m the consumer here, after all.

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