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What happened to my late night time?

Oh, it’s not like I’m not awake… I’m just no longer alone, and don’t really have this time to myself. I have a sleeping baby on hand that either needs it to be quiet (no TV) or needs my attention (no hands) or needs Julie (no TV, and I’m off to bed!). Tonight, he’s been particularly fussy, refusing to sleep or get comfortable. Pretty much all he wants to do is breast feed and fall asleep on Julie until he gets moved, then he wakes up and wants to start the cycle all over again. If Julie were an inanimate milk machine, this would probably be okay, but since she’s not, she really needs breaks, leaving me to invent new ways to entertain and otherwise keep a 11-day-old baby occupied. Let me tell you, it isn’t easy. They don’t think you’re funny yet, and they don’t even really get that you’re there other than to change their diaper and bring them to the Temple of Boob. Right now, he’s rocking in the Swing of Wonder, drifting between light sleep, grumpy awake, and full cry. I go back and forth between picking up the laptop, putting it down, getting up to get him, but then waiting, then going back to my seat, picking up the laptop… lather… repeat. It doesn’t leave me with large blocks of time to do much of anything other than short blog entries and reading my RSS feeds. Speak of the devil, there is his siren call. I must be off to service the lord and master of the house, king Isaac.

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