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Peace and Restlessness

I’ve discovered in this three weeks off of work a sort of peace of mind that I haven’t experienced in a long long time, and a pace of living which is very slow and deliberate that it is going to be hard to leave behind when I go back to the grind. In taking time off of work, I have also liberated myself of some of the extracurricular jobs I’ve taken on out of foolishness or overconfidence or obligation — web design jobs, mostly. I have been doing strange things like reading — not a lot, and not to the exlusion of life. Mostly, however, I’ve just been hanging out with my family, and blogging, and taking life one moment at a time. I am also starting to feel a certain creative restlessness inside, something is finally being given room to perkolate to the surface of my consciousness, and it now wants to finally take form in some sort of artistic expression. I am excited to foster this creative force into something, but I also don’t want to rush it — it’s in its infancy and it could so easily be quashed. It’s strange and amusing how I seem to find myself in a position of raising two infants at the same time — Isaac, and my own inner being. So, in both cases — I have to remember to be patient, to be present, and not to get too distracted from the processes that they are involved in. I’m here, now.

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