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The Parental Dillemma

So these are the sorts of things you have to deal with when you’re a parent of a newborn. It’s like Ethics 101 turned on its head:

It’s 10:23 PM. Your wife has been breastfeeding your newborn son every hour on the hour for the last few days straight, barring a few extended periods of TWO hours. She’s gone to bed at 10 PM to try to get some shut-eye to have endurance for the rest of the marathon evening you know your both in store for. You’re left on the couch watching your sleeping newborn bask in his blissful ignorance. In the middle of reading your email, you hear a wet slurpy sound that is unmistakably the indicator that your son has just filled his little baby diaper to the brim and probably even squirted himself up the back and out the sides. You’ve got a major cleaning job to do, no denying it. You also know that if you go change the diaper now, you will most certainly wake the baby and start off the feeding cycle all over again, prematurely. If you don’t clean him up, the mess is going to leak and congeal, creating an even worse situation that involved wet wipes, hot wash cloths, and a small steel chisel. here’s the question: Do you clean up your baby boy now and feel like the responsible parent, minimizing the discomfort to your little one, but in the process destroy what might be the only chance your wife has of getting any rest tonight before the marathon feeding frenzy begins all over again? Or, conversely, do you let the kid lie in his own filth, knowing it’s slowly soaking through the sides of the diaper, up the back of his onesie, and all over the blanket he’s laying on, if not worse but just wait until he wakes himself up from feeling uncomfortable, and therefore maximizing the amount of rest your poor overworked wife is going to get before she has to tax herself to the limit one more time?

Go right ahead Smart, answer that one? Kant? Mill? Anyone? Yeah, I thought not. Old white dead guys that never had to change a diaper in their lives have no input on this particular ethical conundrum. I think this is one case where… okay wait for it…

The needs of the mommy outweigh the needs of the poo

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