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Billy Reuben Must Die

It’s a silly thought, but it’s been running through my head ever since we were released from the hospital, so I have to comment on it. Julie is RH negative, and both our sons (as I am) are RH positive. Every time a woman who is RH negative carries a baby who is RH positive, there is a chance that her system will build an antibody response to her baby. Julie, evidently, developed an immunity response to Isaac. Due to the results of a ‘Coombs’ test coming back positive, we have to watch Isaac for the development of Jaundice, from a build-up of Billirubin, a biproduct of blood cells dying off faster than normal from the fight between Julie’s antibodies and Isaac’s blood. We have a nurse doing a home visit on Saturday to check in on us, just to make sure the little tyke is doing well. The real danger of the biliruben is the possibility of it building up deposits in the brain and causing learning disabilities — this is extremely rare, but this is why they take it so seriously. In any case, Isaac is pink as can be, and he’s going just fine — he’s kicked butt all over Billy Reuben, that damned bully punk. Nobody tosses a dwarf!

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