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Nobody Tosses a Dwarf

For those of you who are acquainted with ‘The House Game’, it is readily evident what Isaac’s house game name is: he is most definitely the Dwarven Prince. He’s got toughness, and he doesn’t take any crap. He showed his metal in the womb, when mommy threatened not once but twice to speed his little butt out the birth canal with the use of castor oil, to which he answered his mommy first with light contractions, and second with breaking the waters. During labor, when the doctor discussed the possible need to go to an epidural or eventually maybe a cesaerian due to what she saw as distress, he answered with making his mommy push him out right then and there. Once he was out, he kicked butt and took numbers. When the nurses had to give him his eye ointment and vitamin K shot, it didn’t even phase him. It was as if he said “Is that all you’ve got?!”. After getting a day’s rest, he’s got this whole eat / sleep / poop thing down pat, without a grumble. And just now, when he went in to the nurse’s station for his battery of tests (one of which is a heel prick that they use to drip drops of blood to fill five dime-sized round dots on a sheet of blotter paper, for some unknown obscure test), he slept through the whole damned thing like it was not anything to be bothered by. I have no idea if this is any indication of future personality, but if it is — don’t threaten this guy and do not expect threats of physical harm to phase him in the least.

Dwarven blood?! I marry a hobbit, sire first an elf, and now a dwarf? — the Scholar is confused.

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