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Blog Tidbits

    I am practicing patience because really we have no choice, but dangnabit, get a move on already, boy! I’ve been out of work already for two weeks, and I just discovered on Friday that… get this… I HAVEN’T been on paternity leave. That’s right folks, paternity leave only kicks in AFTER the baby has been born… that means, to make up the extra time, I had to burn vacation and sick days. Technically, I have to go back to work tomorrow or take non-paid leave. Practically, I think I can work things out with my manager. But, the sooner this boy comes out, the sooner this is a non-issue.

  2. 2-finger scrolling rocks, and I don’t know how I could have lived without it.
    Mac has an update for older powerbooks called iScroll that allows you to simulate the new 2-finger scrolling function. From a person that used the scroll wheel on his mouse quite extensively, this rocks the free world. Everyone should have it.

  3. Beatles Mania
    Eli is now addicted to the Beatles. After watching Yellow Submarine enough times to simulate an acid trip in his little growing brain, the gift of a Beatles album from his uncle Ian, and our own brand of programming in the car, the kid loves the Beatles. It’s totally awesome to hear him sing ‘All You Need is Love’ — maybe this next generation will get it right. Better living through Beatles.

  4. I wonder if Isaac will be born on the Ides of March, like Iris…
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