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Thoughts on the movie ‘Hook’

Recently, Eli has been WAY into all things Peter Pan, and one of the movies he’s been watching a lot of is ‘Hook’. This is the Robin Williams / Dustin Hoffman movie that features a Peter Pan who has left Neverland, grown up, gotten a job as a lawyer (pirate), and has lost all child-like vesitiges, only to be thrust into a situation (Hook kidnaps his children) that requires him to regain his child-like vigor and dawn the mantle of ‘pan’ once again. On first blush, this seems like a pretty flimsy plot device that isn’t really all that deep, but in watching it, uh, I don’t know, say 30 times in the last month, I’ve gotten a different take on the whole thing. It actually seems pretty rational that if someone like Peter Pan, a boy who has completely shirked the idea of adulthood in favor of living as a child forever, decided one day to become an adult, he would manifest all of the harsh overblown ideas that he’s railed against all of his existence. The adult that Pan would emulate would be completely devoid of anything child-like. It would be because of his own immaturity, that he wouldn’t be able to see the middle ground of the equation, where an adult could retain child-like qualities and actually remember to have fun and to experience and value those elements which are so often associated with being a child. Only a mature mindset can be an adult who is also child-like. Kinda interesting to contemplate, really. Only after Peter regains his pan-hood, but also remembers his family — a fusion of child and man — has he redeemed himself and he is allowed to return from Neverland to the real world a whole person.

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