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Decompression Chamber

I’ve spend the entire week off of work in preparation for Isaac’s arrival, with no work, and only just now am I starting to feel decompressed. It’s amazing but it takes about a week to shake off the affects of selling your mind for 40+ hours a week to someone else to use at their bidding. It’s mental slavery of a sort, even if you get paid in the process. But, I’m grateful for the standard of living it affords me, for now. Someday I’ll be my own boss, creating wealth in my own time in my own style… but in reality, even that is servitude to the almighty dollar. Right now, I’m in the space of just enjoying myself, my life, my consciousness, without any relationship to external value systems. I have, for a brief period, returned to being human. I’m on leave for another three weeks, so I’ll report as time progresses on the state of my consciousness, which is about to be flooded with new baby love.

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