Daily Archives: February 17, 2005

I’m in love all over again…

17 February 2005

Tonight Julie and I went to see Ani DiFranco in concert at the Luther Burbank Center in Santa Rosa – we haven’t been to see her live since before Eli was born, and it seemed like a fun thing to do and god knows it’ll probably be another 4 years before we drag our asses out to a concert again. It did take us about 2 hours to actually get to the concert, due to an accident on North 101 that had traffic backed up so bad that it was still bumper-to-bumper after 11pm on our way home. So we got to the concert late, and missed the opening act, and missed Ani’s entrance, but from the moment we sat down to the moment the house lights came up, we loved every minute of it. It was a bit like seeing an old good friend you haven’t seen in years, and realizing you still very much love them and like them. Ani was gracious and beautiful and emotionally present. Her music has matured with her, and just as she was a spokesperson for the 20-something alternative-set experience when she was in her 20’s, she’s now the spokesperson for the 30-something alternative-set experience in her 30’s. As usual, her lyrics are eloquent and raw and amazing and touching and funny. ‘I had to leave the house of self-importance when I doodled my first tatoo. When I realized that tatoos are only as permanent as I am.’ The new album has some amazing gems on it, and I have to listen to it several times over just to let it all sink in. Her music has matured, and while it was just her and her guitar and a back-up bass player, it was complex and mature and beautiful and simple. She reorchestrated some old favorites in entirely new ways. And she was so exhausted and in pain and you could tell she just couldn’t pull the 3 shows in 3 days like she could when she was younger, but she’s doing it anyhow and even did a 2-song encore even in the midst of her need to go back to the trailer and collapse. But she loves her audience so much that she suffers through it for them. She’s a true performer and artist.
I love you Ani.