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Total System Crash

6 February 2005

So last night at around 9 pm, I had a total system crash. I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until 7 am. I have been running on minimal fuel, averaging about 3 hours of sleep a night, for the last few weeks straight, and my body and mind finally gave out. I was supposed to go out to a midnight movie with friends last night, but I just slept right through the time I was supposed to leave (hopefully they’ll forgive me 🙂 ). And again, may I report that other than feeling sore from yesterday’s prenatal yoga class I took with Julie, I feel rather great, both physically and mentally. I still don’t wake up that easily, but that’s just my nature. It is a lot easier than usual, that’s for sure, and doesn’t cause me physical pain to get out of bed. So, will I learn from this moral lesson and get enough sleep each night? Probably not. However, I will try to be more sensible than I’ve been for the last few weeks. I figure if I get 6 hours of sleep a night, that’s like magic. That means being in bed by midnight. If I can acheive that, I think I’ll be fine. What I have to avoid is going to bed at 2am and getting up at 6am, or even worse, going to bed at 3:30 am like I have for the last week. Why can’t I just sleep in until noon like I used to when I was in college? Oh yeah, It’s because I have a job and a kid and a life. Oh well. I guess I must always battle between my desires to deny the beast of sleep, and my need to listen to its siren call or suffer the consequences.

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