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Boy Scouts and RPG’s

31 January 2005

I just had a realization this evening that made me really excited, and of course I’m probably setting myself up for a major fall, but… I get to do Boy Scouts with my two boys, and I can run them through D&D adventures. Some day, if I’m still cool enough, my boys and I are gonna do cool guy things together. Stuff that I enjoy, stuff that I know kids their age enjoy because… I did them, and I still do them. One day, if I’m lucky, I’ll have my kids look to me, smile and tell me that I’m ‘so cool!’. I live for that day. Already Eli and I have our own private stuff, our ‘burp games’, our own adventures. Adding Isaac to the mix is going to just drive the energy through the roof. Of course, I’m going to have to wait until the kids get to a certain age until they’re both in ‘the zone’ — probably when they get to be 5 and 9, through 8 and 12. At that point, I figure I’m pretty close to losing Eli to his teen friends, and I will be delegated to the category of uncool. I consider myself fortunate if I make it even that far. But for a few golden years in there, I’m going to be the king of cool. The Master of fun. And I’m going to milk every single moment of it.
On a side note — look! A whole month of blog entries! I know, I cheated a few days there, but there is an entry for every single day, even if I was 8 hours late a few times. check it out! Now only 11 more months to go, and I’ve made it the whole year. I have to say, this has been an excellent exercise for me. Yay me!

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