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Full Moon

25 January 2005

My eyes are barely staying open, so I’m going to make this short and quick. I had some of my best friends come over and hang out for ‘Full Moon’, or men’s group, that we used to do more regularly, but is something we haven’t carved the space out for in a long long time. We all reconnected, and shared a bit of what’s going on in our life — this group’s work is important, and something we have to reclaim. So, for this entire year I’ve got all the full moon times recorded, along with their ‘names’, and this will allow me to make regular party evites as the time grows nigh. Okay, I’m officially babbling now and falling asleep at the wheel, so it’s 1:41AM, I’m going backdate this thing, and save it.
Tomorrow I’ll tell you about staff attrition.

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