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Story Time

21 January 2005

Tonight I went out with a friend and we spend three hours just writing. I got out 9 pages on a new science fiction story I just started. So far it’s in its infant stages, but I think I might have something. I’m just letting the crap flow and I’ll go back later and excise and edit. I’m trying to not stop the flow by refusing to look back and correct and nit-pick. Back in high school and college, I would write my papers as first-draft-is-final-draft, spending most of my time going over and over a page until it was just right, before moving on to the next, etc etc. What I’ve discovered is that you can’t write a story (read — I can’t write a story) in one draft, if you want it to be anything other than crap. So, I’m just letting it be crap for now, get all the ideas out on paper, then I’ll worry about making it good.
As a teaser, the story is about a ‘Black Hole Computer’ (Scientific American Dec ’04) named ‘Stephen’, aboard Hawkings Station. That’s all I’m saying for now.

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