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Super Hero Fetish

19 January 2005

Okay… so maybe it’s my fault, or maybe it’s just a phase, but I just spent a frustrating 30 minutes arguing about pajamas because there were no more super hero pajamas left clean, and Eli would not wear anything else to bed. He’s got a whole drawer full of pajamas, but because there’s no superman, batman or Incredibles in there, he’s just not interested. Finally, we settled on turning his skeleton pajamas inside out so he’d look like Darth Vader.
I got a little frustrated with the whole ordeal, and maybe was a little hard with him, but when you’ve got 15 pairs of clean pajamas laid out around you, and none of them satisfy your cranky son who’s a half-hour past his bedtime, it can be a little rough on the nerves. What I do realize is, it’s time to buy the boy some more pajamas. I mean shit, you’re only a kid once, and if you can’t have a whole drawer full of superhero pajamas at 4, when can you? I want to get him everything — batman, superman, green lantern, whatever. I always wanted underoos as a kid, but my parents couldn’t afford them, and I’ve never quite recovered.

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