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Home Troubles

17 January 2005

I have all these things I can blog about today, but the one thing that keeps coming back is I feel this itchiness in my lungs that I think is related to accidently breathing in some crazy-ass yellow mold that I found in-between the redwood facing and the support beam on the front of the garage. It’s totally gross, and it has eaten a good portion of the wood away in the beam. Sometime over a week ago I had a contractor come in and assess what I assumed to be bad beam damage in the front of the garage, and his reaction was at first — it’s probalby just cosmetic, no big deal. He removed one of the covers on one of the beams to uncover extensive rot and termite damage. So, we had to splice and replace a portion of that beam, but the other should be fine. Earlier today we had a peek at the other of the main two beams, and we found live termites and rot. My curiousity got the better of me, and I peeled back the facings on the main cross beam only to find piles of yellow mold, termite activity, and large chunks of rotted wood. I haven’t told the contractor yet, but he’ll see it tomorrow when he comes to work on the garage. I’ll leave him a note to make sure. So while looking, maybe I breathed some in. Maybe I’m just paranoid and I’m having a psychosomatic reaction. In any case, I had a puff of asthma medicine, and the feeling has subsided a bit. What hasn’t subsided is the sinking feeling that we’ll have to spend thousands of dollars on fixing the garage beams, and I hope there isn’t hidden damage elsewhere.

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