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Gastronomic Explosion

16 January 2005

Tonight Julie and I went out to dinner with Serena, Eric and Jesse to a restaurant in the City called ‘The Elite’, which serves awesome Cajun-style food. The place looks a lot like Galatoire’s in New Orleans, without as many layers of paint or as much grime, and everyone is dressed in white outfits with bowties and vests — totally southern style. The service was awesome, and the food… incredible. I had six fresh oysters to start (three from california, three from washington) which were totally amazingly fresh and delicious. They didn’t serve with Minionette (only horse radish and red cocktail sauce) which was a bit annoying, but they were delicious nonetheless. Julie got popcorn shrimp, and I had a few of those as well — they came with a really nice remoulade that was fairly mild, but big on flavor. After that, I had a cup of gumbo, because you always have to try the gumbo, and it was really delicous. The roux was nice and toasty without being burnt, and the ingredients were stewed to a soft goodness. There was chicken, shrimp, sausage and fresh oysters in the gumbo, and the oysters in particular were mouth-watering. After this, we had a reprieve as our stomachs adjusted for the main course onslaught. I got the jambalaya with duck confit, and it was by far the best jambalaya I have *ever* had, hands down. I didn’t finish it, and I’m looking forward to the left-overs tomorrow. The duck confit was crunchy and salty and perfect, and was the perfect compliment to the smoky flavors of the jambalaya. I ate way past where I should and I paid for it later, because after the main course we had bread pudding with bourbon sauce that was so sugary sweet that my teeth literally ached. Julie and I shared one between the two of us, and despite a valiant effort on both our parts, we did not finish it. We were both bloated like overfed pigs, and as we waddled to the car, I realized once again just how much of a food junkie I am. If food is a drug, tonight was an exquisite binge on the best crack that money can buy.
Vive le gastronome!

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