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105 things for 2005

11 January 2005

Adrienne turned me on to this livejournal community called ‘uberlists’ where people create a list of x things to accomplish in year y, where x is y – 1900, if you follow me. This is my list:
1. Drop my weight below 200 lbs.
2. Read twelve books (at least six of which are fiction, and two of which are poetry books)
3. Finish six comic scripts.
4. Produce one finished comic issue
5. Write six poems
6. Write one short story
7. Publish something
8. Send letters to all those people that still send me cards and I never reply.
9. Start or join a writing group in earnest.
10. Take a writing class.
11. Start counting points again.
12. Set up a new style sheet for my blog.
13. Find out more about my heritage.
14. Get involved in voter reform, in specific trying to enact a initiative on the ballot to require a paper record of every vote.
15. Blog every day.
16. Do yoga every day.
17. Write morning notes every day.
18. Organize my life better.
19. Spend one day every month balancing my finances.
20. Go to APE
21. Go to Wondercon
22. Go to San Diego Comic Con
23. Finish all my web page obligations before Isaac is born
24. Do something with housegame.net this year.
25. Do something with yaboogie.com this year.
26. Do something with the brothersdigital.com site this year.
27. Read a news source every day.
28. Do full moon every month.
29. Hold a poker game every month.
30. Take more pictures at least one a month, and post on my blog.
31. Write one political blog entry a month.
32. Start up a board game night on a semi-regular basis.
33. Get something nice for Julie for after Isaac is born.
34. Fully digitize my music selection at high (enough) quality, and put it on the network.
35. Read the latest Neil Stevenson trilogy.
36. Finish this list before January 15th.
37. Build a wooden play structure for the kids in the back yard.
38. Create an online menu / dieter’s database for family and friends.
39. Put together a professional website for Julie’s painting.
40. Put together a website for Emily’s baskets.
41. Put together a website for Various & Sundries.
42. Acquire enough hosting clients to break even on the server.
43. Start waking up early enough to get done all my morning tasks (and/or start doing them the night before)
44. Drink a glass of water a day.
45. Make six music mix cd’s for friends.
46. Keep good business records.
47. Stay more up to date on the blogs that I read.
48. Organize my gaming stuff.
49. Start some sort of physical sporting activity.
50. Learn 3 songs on my guitar.
51. Play with Garage band.
52. Mix a techno song.
53. Finish creating digital versions of the mix tapes Julie and I have accumulated across the years.
54. Make a short film.
55. Finish the trim around the door in the garage.
56. Finish the ceiling trim and floor trim in the garage.
57. Finish out the area around the fridge and furnace in the library.
58. Finish the garage work area.
59. Learn six new recipes.
60. Install the gate on the side yard.
61. Buy a book off of audible.com.
62. Watch (and participate in) my second son being born.
63. Listen to one book-on-media a month.
64. Do something on an open mic night.
65. Go see Alana in one of her comedy shows.
66. Record off all of the movie footage of Eli before Isaac is born.
67. Write a song.
68. Learn about Garage Band.
69. Learn how to produce flash animations.
70. Get more sleep (6+ hours a night, if not 8).
71. Go to one new place I’ve never been before.
72. Eat one new thing I’ve never eaten before.
73. Meet my Aunt Norma.
74. Go to New York again.
75. Make a ren faire costume for Eli.
76. Make Dickens faire costumes for the family.
77. Do my freakin’ taxes.
78. Play more games.
79. Look into the Masters in Education program at SSU.
80. Listen to more music in my life.
81. Go out to live music at least every other month.
82. Do a Tarot reading for myself once a week.
83. Increase my strength.
84. Buy an iMac mini to become our new media center.
85. Update my website.
86. Visit the gym at least twice a week, but aim for 4 times a week.
87. Write a science-fiction story (any length).
88. Go to the movies once a month.
89. Make more sushi.
90. Make a basket.
91. eBay all the stuff in the office that needs to be eBay’d.
92. Finish putting together computer for Serena and Eric.
93. Clean the rugs professionally before the baby is born.
94. Get window coverings for the kitchen windows.
95. Get passport renewed.
96. Get a physical.
97. Do something about my high blood pressure.
98. Brew something every other month.
99. Meditate every day in some way.
100. Take vitamins.
101. Get more sleep.
102. Have a garage sale.
103. Restore the garden.
104. Paint a picture.
105. Take a drawing class.

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