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The way-back machine

10 January 2005

Joshua wakes up at 6:15 AM, realizing he’s fallen asleep next to his wife instead of getting back up again to finish his blog before midnight, but feels no regrets. He merely gets out of bed, takes a quick shower, throws on some clothes and then climbs into the glass-and-steel contraption he keeps in the secret room of the house. After a pull of a few levers and a twist of a few knobs, the machine is set to take him back to 11:50 PM the night before. The lights dim as he presses the large red ‘GO’ button in the middle of the vehicle. A bit of a blur and the machine’s whine slows and falls silent. The room is dark, as is the rest of the house. He must have been successful. He checks the clock on the kitchen oven — 11:50 PM. Perfect, he has just enough time to post a quick blog before the midnight deadline and thus preserving his streak for the year. Or at least his ego.

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