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Chillin’ on a Sunday evening

I’m hanging out on Sunday evening, trying my hardest to forget it’s a work day tomorrow, and chilling with my good friends Ian and Lisa. It’s nice that they’ve been hanging out a lot more these days, and it’s great we can just hang out together on a night before a school day and just try to deny reality for a few hours longer. Most people wouldn’t want to give their Sunday evening over to anything but trying to get ready for the week. Sure there’s stuff not getting done, but I can guarantee we’re enjoying our Sunday much more than most people. Ian is one of my best friends from since I was seventeen, and we’ve lived a lot of our lives together. It’s been an awesome ride of self-and-other-exploration, and we’re still deep in it, but instantly able to reconnect again, to remind ourselves that we started this whole ride together. Lisa I’ve known since college, and she and I have a tremendously close connection — not a surprise, really considering our common link. But Lisa was one of those girls who when I met her, I pretty much could have date her / fallen for her, if the stars were adjusted slightly differently. She’s crazy and irreverent and spiritually connected and totally intense and present. She loves to party harder than anyone else I know, and she loves to play with my son. I’m so glad she’s stayed in my life, and in particular as the wife of my best friend.
Thanks guys, for being you!

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