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Short but sweet

Tonight I’m in Sacramento, at my good friend Chuck’s house, so I don’t have a lot of time I want to commit to my blog tonight, but a commitment is a commitment, so here I am inputting my .02 for the day.
First cent – On my way up there was a helicoptor cop shining his lights on the highway and around on the road, and for a brief moment (a second or two) the light was on my car. It was the strangest feeling, I felt like a fugative.
Second cent – I had a interesting musing on the way up on how certain professions are undervalued, such as writing, singing, basically much of the arts, mostly out of the arrogance of the common person to thing that just because they have the ability to do rudimentary art, that they are an artist. A person with a good voice who took a few classes of choir in high school is not a singer. A person who got A’s in English class is not a writer. There is a great deal of effort and commitment and training and pain that goes into becoming an artist that is completely overlooked by the general populous, but because the best work is so accessible, the work behind it is often not seen.
That’s it, I’m off to play with my friends!

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