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A blog a day, that’s all we ask…

I’m on a quest to put a blog entry a day into here for the entire year — even if it’s nonsensical and gibberish (and let me tell you, some days it will be), you’ll have something to read every single day. I even have a fantasy of having themed days (monday political forum, tuesday music review, etc.) but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. One entry a day, that’s my commitment. If I miss it, you can spank me. Hell, you can spank me anyways, as long as you are wearing leather.
Crack site of the week: allofmp3.com. if you like cheap (but legal) music (and when I say legal, I mean of questionable legal status but not shut down and in business so get ’em while they’re hot), then this is the site for you. Limit yourself to $10 to begin with.

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