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Late-night Snuggling

So last night at 2am Eli wakes up in the middle of the night and wants to ‘snuggle’ with us, which sounds cute, but really is annoying when you want to get some sleep and you know that all ‘snuggling’ will end up being is hours of fidgeting and kicking and lost sleep for everyone, so of course we say now. Eli proceeds to throw a tantrum, which causes me to get ‘tough’ with him and tell him to get to his room. I of course go and spend time with him, and comfort him and give him some love before returning to bed, but it definitely brings up both guilt and sadness in me. Why shouldn’t I snuggle up with my boy as much as I possibly can, while I can? I mean, the topic of Julie being 7 months pregnant and needing her sleep aside, how many nights do you have available to you to snuggle up with a cute little child? Not enough, I can tell you that.

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