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New Year’s Resolutions

As part of an exercise in creative future planning, I’ve joined a group on live journal where the participants make lists of things they plan on doing in the next year. This year it’s 105 things for 2005, and it’s a daunting process. The first thing on my list, however, is to drop my weight below 200 lbs. I’ve packed on about 15 lbs over the last few months, and it’s not a happy sight. It’s hard giving up the vacation eating, because — let’s face it, it tastes good, and it’s easy. Eating low-calorie can be difficult, especially when you’re living with a pregnant lady and an almost four year old. But, I refuse to climb back up the weight ladder, so it’s time to start counting my points again. I briefly considered doing another juice fast as well, and still might, but I am not feeling the particular motivation to start it just yet. So, starting effective tomorrow (Sunday) I’ll start counting points again.

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