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Uncle Lou

23 December 2004

Last night Julie’s uncle Lou stopped by out of the blue for absolutely no reason other than to drop off two pounds of coffee for me from his favorite coffee place because he knows I like it. He went to the coffee place in the city because he was in the neighborhood — he didn’t need any coffee for himself, and he wasn’t going to go for any other reason other than to get me the cofee. He didn’t ask for money to pay him back, he just gave it to me because he loves me. That, my friends is a true friend and an excellent example of a man I want to emulate in my life. What a tremendous act of love and kindness. A gift out of the blue, just because you know the other person will like it.
Lou is an extraordinary man. He comes over to teach my boy how to play ball. he helped me frame out the walls in the garage to create a new living space. He’s full of life experience and wisdom and loving kindness. He’s raised a daughter of his own, and is a damned fine parent. He’s got lots of hands-on experience that he’s unafraid to share, and he’s always willing to lend a helping hand for any project that needs to be done. And everything he does is with a loving, selfless smile. Just being around Lou makes you happy. I don’t have an uncle Lou as a blood relative, but Lou is my adopted favorite uncle. He kicks ass all over any other brother or sister my parents might have.
Thanks Lou, thanks for loving me and thanks for being such an awesome guy. I’m drinking some of your coffee now. Cheers.

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