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Comin’ around the bend

21 December 2004

Today is the winter solstice — the longest day of the year, and the day we celebrate the return of the light. It’s also a time that we acknowledge renewal in our life, and think about all the things that are ‘coming around the bend’. There are so many things that feel as if I’ve been ever-descending into darkness, only to recently be climbing back into the light, so I am wholeheartedly invoking the energies of the sun, and roll the psychic wheel of fire down the hill of my life. Work has been ever more distracting, people have had serious medical issues, home has been chaotic and my life has been disorganized. For the first time this year, I have missed important spiritual rituals that I have participated in for years now. I have felt myself in darkness, but now I feel the power of the light returning. I hope to engage myself more and more and to act as a sympathetic enchantment for the resurgence of energy and focus in my life. Please keep posted, as the days unfold to follow. I can feel a rebirth in my future.

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