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Post thanksgiving blues

28 November 2004

First off, looks like I should have shown Dan how to roll better, looks like he fumbled and rolled a critical failure on the career. I hope he does the sensible thing and goes to work for independent media.
It’s Sunday, I’ve got way too much to do for the week to start yet. I’m going to go spend the evening with friends, which will be good, but which will further make my pile of work… well, pile up. This whole week has been the week of fighting spam. My server was brought to its knees with someone launching dictionary attacks against my smtp servers. Frickin’ bastards. Plus I’ve been fighting the constant battle against comment spammers. Trying to set up a human-only interface, but it’s proving to butt heads against my spam blacklisting module. Never enought hours in a week. This week, my work should be sufficiently short-circuited due to a big meeting in SF for several days. I’m feeling a little worn thin these days, and need a vacation. A real vacation, and I need to clear my work from my desk and start afresh. It’s all overwhelming.
But, can’t talk for long here — gotta get ready for the last social commitment of the weekend. Part of me wants to just crawl into a cave and hibernate tonight. Get some work done and be done. Ugh.
Calgone, take me away.

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