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18 November 2004

I’m sitting in my hotel room in Calgary, last night before I head home after a long stay working on the Albatross, listening to music on my computer, and I run across some old U2 that brings me right back to college, living in Berkeley. Life used to be so simple and care-free. I was learning and had no obligations other than to myself. True freedom. Don’t get me wrong — I really love my life the way it is now and wouldn’t trade where I am for where I was for the world. However, there was a certain peace of spirit that I could achieve that I don’t seem to have nearly as often. To just detach and drift, to drive with the windows down on a summer’s night. To just drive, with no destination and no place I needed to be. To worry about classes and finals, and to have that be the worst of my problems. I give a salute to those days of my Bachelor Youth — I remember you, Joshua. I know you — you are still with me. Don’t worry for the aging man, we are still seventeen forever.

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