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Open Source Voting

14 November 2004

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and it’s time for me to do the research. I really think we have to put together an open source voting initiative, and get the public to accept and ratify it. The only way we’re going to accept the validity of any electronic devices that assist the voting process is to open the software to the public that runs said devices. If we can create an open secure and reliable e-voting software platform, and have it ratified by a board of respected professionals, we could get the public to accept the software and use it across the country instead of that despicable swill that we cannot trust because we have no idea what it’s doing under the covers. This is really not that hard of a problem. We can create a solution that ensures complete anonymity and security, while making it completely reliable and to give a confirmation for each person that a vote has been cast and counted for them, which they could check via internet or by phone system. No one will ever be disenfranchised again. This system would provide a paper trail and will have complete referential integrity. This is not a hard problem. We can be thorough, we can be correct. The source will be open — so everyone will be able to double-check the methodology. After we’ve created this voting software, we can hold our own guerrilla vote. Open up voting in the contested states, or anywhere we like. Take the numbers, see what we come up with. Push the envelope — take matters in our own hands. It’ll be a good test of the software, and further it will collect the real data of the vote. We can make some noise, and publish the results. Any time we like, as often as we like. If we don’t trust the vote, let’s hold our own. Let’s take the power back folks. Let’s make them listen. I’m looking around the web, and I’m finding open source voting projects. I have to do the research to find out who is doing what out there, and see if there’s a project to join that’s worthy, or if we want to start our own. Anyone that’s interested, send me mail and let’s do the due dilligence. Do a google search on open source voting. check out the projects. Post your research results. I’ll be doing the same. Then, let’s make our move.

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