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We need to be angry. we were robbed

9 November 2004

As much as I want to just trudge sullenly into my corner and silently weep and grumble about the ‘Red States’, I keep getting exposed to more and more evidence that this vote was completely rigged and we were robbed. There are reports coming in about counties not only in Ohio and Florida, but across the nation that have tallied more votes than registered voters (one county in Ohio tallied over 1100% votes to registered voters), there are counties in Florida that are 69% registered democrat, but only 29% voted for Kerry. The list goes on and on. Listen to 960 AM, or slashdot, or check out blackboxvoting.org (which is down right now due to the fact they exceeded their bandwidth limit, or they were intentionally brought down, who knows). The major news networks will not cover this story, because they have been told not to. This is major big brother watergate deep throat follow the money sort of crap, and if we don’t all get informed, check our facts, and become public mouthpieces to this story, by blogging the shit out of it and telling everyone we know and making noise, the powers that be are gonna get away with it, and they’re gonna pretty much be able to any damned thing they like. Why do you think we invaded Faluja several days after the election? DISTRACTION, folks! There’s all sorts of bad about this, and whether you voted Democrat or Republican, we were ALL disenfranchised by this event. We didn’t have an election, we had a staged media event, and we all bought it. We bought the argument that we are a nation divided. We bought this was all about moral issues. Guess what — it’s not. I propose that more of the nation is behind getting this jerk-off and his crony administration out of office than we think. There are no red states or blue states — there are 50 black states where no actual vote happened. And it wasn’t just the presidency, it was several senate seats and most assuredly several members of the supreme court. We have to fight back. We could even get this last vote invalidated if we scream loud enough. Let’s do it over, fair and square. I know it may feel futile, but we have to fight.
So what do we do? First off, listen to all the indicators. All the exit polls have been grossly incorrect, where they’ve been accurate indicators for 200 years EXCEPT during Bush Elections. The exercise suggested for fact-checking is simple — pick a county, any county in the union. Go online and find their websites, and you can find out the list of registered voters for the county. Then compare the registered voters to the number of votes collected on election day for that county (also available online). You’ll see quite quickly that they do not match up, and in the wrong way — more votes have been cast than voters. This is invariably the case, especially in the battleground states. Do it once, do it acouple of times. Post the results on your blogs. Tell each other, make some noise and make it impossible for the media to ignore it all. We have to rely on each other — we have to become the media on this one. I know we’re all busy — I’m fucking busy too. But I am gonna carve out some time in my schedule to become educated on this one. It’s so easy to chalk it all up to tin foil hat conspiracy theory — but all indicators point to the fact that this is in fact the single worst act of state-sponsored criminal activity this country has ever seen, and we’re just rolling over and taking it if we don’t take our goddamn country back, either with the truth, or by other means if necessary. Read your consitution. It’s our duty to act as patriots on this one, and drive out the vipers of corruption. I love my country too much to just take it lying down. It’s easy to joke about moving elsewhere to more liberal-minded countries, but the truth is — fuck that, this is MY country and I’m gonna fight for it.
This is what it was like living through the sixties, boys and girls. It’s our turn to pick up the torches. Are you ready for the challenge?

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