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Back from Disneyland

8 November 2004

First — fucking coffee is my monkey. I am it’s bitch. I can’t help myself. I am managing to keep from abusing, but I have a big ol’ cuppa joe right in front of me right now. I just can’t start my day today w/o a little pep. mmmm. pep.
I weighted myself at 227 today — I’m up 7 lbs from my high comfort weight. Time to start counting points again.
Anyhow, Disneyland. It rocked, and rocked hard. Going to Disneyland with your three-year-old is the most magical thing you can do. Everything is immediate and real. And can I say, Haunted Mansion NBX style is my favorite. thing. ever. They completely redo the inside to be Nightmare Before Christmas, and Eli LOVED it. we went on it five times.

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