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3 November 2004

We were fucking robbed. That’s all there is to say about it. I’ve been reeling all day long with nothing to say, and no outlet for this pit of despair in my gut, but now it’s turning into righteous anger. It’s our job to stay ever vigilant so this shit never happens to the American people ever again. I know it’s a split nation, and I know it’s a close vote — that all has to change. The majority of Americans *ARE* Democrats, and the exit polls showed us the real winner of the election. The shitty e-Voting machines were manipulated and we let it happen. And to all those who voted for fear and hatred, it’s our job to show them the light. I may be an idealist, but I think that if you try hard enough, you can reach anyone. If you just keep trying, you’ll move the mountain. I love this country too goddamn much to give up on it, even when it’s given up on me. There’s a theif in the presidency, and a cabinet of greedy fools. We the people have lost control of our country, and we need to take it back. That means keeping our eyes open on this lame duck bastard and calling him to the carpet on every little goddamn thing he does. That means being vocal, and keeping records of his statement, so we can bring it out to show the American public when he goes back on his word (and he will, repeatedly.) George W. Bush may not be a flip-flopper, but he’s really good at lying (wanna by some wood?!).
We cannot lie down. We cannot Go Quietly. Let’s revive the spirit of the 60’s and become true anti-establishmentarians. Let’s fuck some shit up and fight the dominant paridigm. Let’s change the world, all over again. We can’t depend on the government anymore to do our job for us. Fuck the government. Let’s take control back ourselves. WE THE GODDAMN PEOPLE!

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