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Holding my breath

2 November 2004

First off, I’ve picked the wrong week to quit caffeine. I’m buzzing along on my first cup of coffee for the day, hopefully I can keep it my only, but I’m not calling any shots, since it’s election night and I have a long way to go before I’m gonna sleep.
Second, I am finding it very hard to concentrate on anything but the results of today’s elections. This whole week has had me on edge, and today it all begins. I wish we could know for certainty what the results will be at midnight tonight, but chances of that are slim, with battles happening already on the ground over access to voting, and I’m certain votes will be contested. Is this now a permanent fixture to our voting process? If so, things are extremely broken, and we need widespread election process reform. I’m not comforted by the thought that a full one-third of our country’s votes are being cast on e-Voting machines, most of which have no paper trails, and have already had failures being reported.
The thing that really blows my mind is just how close this election is going to be — the propaganda machines have been spinning, and they have been working. What should by all rational means be a slam-dunk for Kerry is going to be hotly fought and struggled. One half our nation supports Bush — how can that truly be? Be it foreign or domestic policy, or just the downright manipulation and dishonesty, it should be clearly apparent to the public that Bush is only in this game for himself and his buds. Why do poor rural folk support him? Because he’s cast himself as a religious conservative, and he continues to use fear to motivate his base. That base, should belong to the Democrats. The ideals of Christianity are more in tune with the ideals of the Democratic party, not with the Republicans. But, this is the way politics have shaped up in this country.
But, it comes down to hateful issues that aren’t religious, but are driven by fear and bigotry, such as Gay Marriage, and kicking ass in the Middle East. I just don’t understand that point of view. I never will.
And let’s talk about when this whole thing gets contested, if it goes to the Supreme Court again, we can all read how this is going to play out. And if Renquist dies or retires while the court is in recess, Bush can appoint a new chief justice w/o a senate confirmation. He could effectively pick the guy who will put him in office. How about that!
What can I do, other than sit and bite my nails and plan my exit strategy if this country goes south. I will try to stay positive, and channel my energy into the polling places. We shall overcome.
Let’s take our frikkin’ nation back.

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