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Distracted by life

22 October 2004

So I just recently found out that a friend is very ill. Things are early, and she and her family are finding out tomorrow the scope and depth of what needs to be done when, and so I will find out when they find out. I am in a pretty surreal state about it, feeling lots of love and compassion and anxiety, and really there’s nothing I can personally do to make things better but pray to the universe for aid, to send out my own positive energies, and put my faith in the powers that be that all will be well. Some things just don’t have answers, like why do good people get sick out of nowhere, or why can’t I fix things if I care hard enough?
So I appeal to you, great power of the universe — give aid to my friend and her family in their time of greatest need. Give as only you know how, and take the pain and the illness from her. Give her and her family comfort and strength to face the days and weeks ahead, and heal her body and make her whole.
That is all I can do, is make this prayer. That, and be there for them when they need me.

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