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It’s a boy

21 October 2004

That’s right, looks like Eli’s gonna have a baby bro coming in March. It’s interesting. Initially I felt a bit of a loss in the feeling that I wouldn’t be able to experience being a dad to both a son and a daughter, but that was quickly replaced with the excitement of raising two brothers. I never had a brother other than the ones I adopted for myself, but I have seen a very special and particular bond between male siblings that I really can’t wait to be a witness to, as well as an active part. The possibilities of male bonding are myriad, from scouts to sports… but in particular, Eli as an older male role model to the new bro is really very exciting. Eli has shown me that boys do not necessarily mean rowdy and uncontrollable. Boys can mean sweet and sensitive, funny and thoughtful. Because of Eli, I am excited to be dad to another boy.

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