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Simplicity in Duplicate

So those of you who have been following, know I bought myself a brand-spankin’ new powerbook laptop, and the love affair is in full swing. I was sick on Friday and stayed home, and while I was at home — it appears my work decided that I needed a new computer, and ordered me up a… new powerbook laptop. It’s identical to the machine I bought for myself, and now… I have two. So, my act that was supposed to simplify my life and condense my computer needs into one portable lovable aluminum wonder… has been replicated. The computer is on its way and is non-refundable. I know, who complains about having too many laptops? I just feel extravagant and wasteful, and the $3k that came out of my pocket seems like a waste. But… I guess it’s best to keep work stuff on a work machine, and porn personal files on my personal machine. If I had been here, I would have just asked them to buy me a flatpanel screen or something, but hey, I should shut up and stop griping and appreciate that my work just decided to buy me a laptop! They rock.

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