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Going back to Mac

23 September 2004

So, after eight years of living in Windows-land, I am making the switch back to Macintosh. With the advent of Mac OS X, it’s been more and more appealing, and watching just how easy Julie’s computer experience has been has tempted me to the switch. The last straw, however, has been a number of recent factors:
1) The project I am working on for work is being built on a platform that runs best on macs (Web Objects), so I’ve been working on a Mac for this project for the last several months.
2) Viruses and hackers suck. They suck so bad that I have to purge my machine weekly of their insidious attacks, and that is with Norton Systemworks running. I know, Macs are only virus-free because there’s less of them out there to be a target and to cross-infect, but you know what? That’s just fine with me.
3) I have been on a drive towards simplification in my life, and having a single-OS household seems to me like a good step in the right direction.
4) Airport Express + my stereo + file server == no more need for CD’s ever again.
So, here I am going back to the mothership, and it feels like home. I bought a really powerful laptop which is on its way to me now, and I will be looking for a new home for my old machine as soon as I can to maybe defray the costs. But, soon — no more Windows. Goodbye Bill Gates! I’m back to the other side of town.

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