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Back to work

19 September 2004

Tomorrow I head back in to work after being in Calgary all week long, and spending time with my family and friends this weekend. I am trying to get my notes and stuff in order so I can give a good report tomorrow to Michelle, my boss. I was so head-down in the work, I didn’t really give her good updates. But, even though it is the case we didn’t meet our dreamed-up goals, I feel we made major breakthroughs and have finally written the first actual code of the Pachyderm project. I have to pitch my case well, and get across the actual work we did, instead of just saying ‘yeah, we got stuff done’. So, I’ll be doing a little of that tonight if I can keep myself awake. Then, it’s up early and in to work!
On personal news, today Eli went to the Exploratorium with his Aunt Brandi and Uncle Quinn, while his geeky parents stayed home and gamed with friends. Eli got home a little before we ended, so we let him sit in on the last part of the game. He was hilarious. He wanted to play, of course, so we gave him a lead figure and some dice, and he was there. I remembered the dice that his uncle Ron gave him when he was born, and pulled those out. He was totally excited to have HIS OWN DICE in HIS OWN DICEBAG. He’s such a little gamer geek. :).

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