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September 11th 2004

12 September 2004

My ‘September 11th’ today was spent trying to bring my fallen mail server back onto its feet after I fudged it up while trying to do some stupid install of a gallery software package on my server… at 4am, which really is the lesson here. Don’t do anything to a mission-critical server while you’re tired at 4am. And don’t do it without proper backups. I ended up screwing up permissions on a directory, and other such nonsense that I had to pay a premium to get consultants in to fix. It probably cost me $300 to fix that little mistake today. Oh well — business write-off. At least there is the option of consultants. I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that I don’t like to do Sys Ad work, and I’m not too fond of Web Design or Programming. I don’t mind managing a business, as long as I have good staff to get the jobs done. I do have an entrepreneurial streak in me — I just have to focus it. Things can get away from you pretty easily, and I have to get better at budgeting and finance — or find a good person to do it for me :). I need that, and oh yeah, more clients. If anyone needs a decently-priced hosting operation, let me know. My server is severely underworked for its power.
So I’m off to Calgary tomorrow (later today), leave at 5pm and don’t get back until Friday. I’m going for work, and hopefully I’ll have something to show for the time I have to spend away from family and home. Lots of late night coding, I think — just focus on the task at hand.
Crap, I haven’t done morning pages in like 4 days either — that’s probably why this post is so long. Oh, another thing I did is add some plug-ins for Movable Type — most I haven’t experimented with yet, but the number one is MT-Blacklist, a spam filter/blocker for the comments. No more silly spammed comments for me! Whee!
Talk at you all tomorrow, I’m sure.

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