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Trey Cool

My friend Trey came over last night and stayed up all night long hanging out with me, mixing music, talking philosophy and watching adult swim and Groove. I can’t quite believe it, but he also outlasted me — at 4:30am I finally hit a wall and had to crash out. I don’t see Trey nearly as often as I should, being that he works in the city, he has a wife and two kids of his own, and he lives in Vallejo, but man — that should change. I am glad he keeps me on the geekenders list, a mailing list for computer game enthusiasts who like to get together for weekend geek socials and play networked games. I haven’t been to one in over a year, but still — I enjoy the contact with everyone on the list, and it keeps me in touch with Trey. Anyhow, had a great time, and I realize again this is a friendship worth fostering to a level of more involvement than a visit every six months. Here’s my hat off to Trey. And, his wife Heather pretty much rocks too.

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