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microsoft lunches

So, while at the Open Source conference, both yesterday and today Microsoft sponsored the lunches, which are just bag lunches with soggy aram wraps and all sorts of crap in them. Today, they gave us an entire sleeve of Oreos each. that’s like 20 cookies. WTF? Do I need that many Oreos? And yet — you feel greedy about it once you get it — throw it away? No f&cking way! They’re *MY* Oreos! Get the hell away!
I’m pretty burnt and done and ready to go home. I feel like I’ve been floating through the last few weeks. My normal routine is all disrupted, and I’m very unhappy about it. I am moving too much doing too much partying… I want to just take an evening off and spend it on my own personal crap. There’s two big parties tonight, one put on by Apple (gotta go) and one put on by Novell (which I might skip), but both are excellent networking possiblities. That, and dinner, sheesh. Well, perhaps it’s best to just take the evening off.

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