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Hookie at the beach and a bottle of wine

Last night I totally bailed on all evening events at OSCON and instead went out with an old friend, Cynthia, in Portland. We bought a couple of bottles of wine, drove an hour and a half out to the beach, and hung out listening to music and catching up on old times. I have to say it was a damn good time. We crashed out in the car for a few hours, and drove bleary-eyed back to Portland just in time for me to catch the morning sessions (after taking a shower, of course).
Cyndi is a special friend because we actually went out back in high school and my first year of college, and we haven’t seen each other at all since a really bad break-up, about 13 years ago. We talked on the phone a few times, but we never saw each other in person. It was healing to get back in touch with her, clear out all that old baggage, and really connect. She’s doing wonderful — raising two kids on her own after a failed marriage, but is quasi-involved with a new guy and doing what she can to move forward. In many ways she hasn’t changed a bit, and in other ways she’s totally transformed. I guess that’s what 13 years can do for you. I’m just really happy for her that she’s doing it on her own and doing it well. I think she’s incredibly unhappy in her job, and aspires to something greater than her job in a foundry cleaning and fixing wax molds. She’s got quite an intellect, and longs to use it.
So, we had a great time, and I left feeling like I had regained an old friend. Thank google for finding her phone number.

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