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end of Comic Con, beginning of OSCON

I’m in the middle of a brain whiplash — last week I finished up the San Diego Comic Convention, which rocked and stimulated my right brain, and this morning I’m in the first session of the O’Reilly Open Source conference, which is geared to stimulate my left brain. So far, it’s failing. I’m tired, have not enough caffiene in my blood stream, and the speakers are boring me with a discussion of why object oriented programming is cool. Am I in a beginning class or what?
So, I’ll spend the time that they’re boring me talking about other things. Like how cool it was to be at San Diego Comic Con. Saturday night I partied with comic greats such as Frank Miller and Dave Gibbins (well, they were in the same general area, but you get the idea). I made lots of fun contacts, and I have a possible in with several publishers (including Dark Horse!!!).
Okay, the session has finally gotten a little more detailed, so my attention is split. But briefly — came up last night and had dinner and a very heated political debate with my grandparents. I have come to a conclusion which I will phrase in the form of a joke:
Question: What is the difference between a philosopher and a lawyer?
Answer: A philosopher actually cares about the answer to the question.

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