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Saturday at Comic-con

I didn’t get around to blogging last night to report on the days events, so I’ll get to that today, since I’m not doing much other than sitting in the hotel room and avoiding the crazy crowd at the con. Yesterday was pretty packed — I had seen pretty much all that I wanted to see on the floor, but I decided to make one last cruise through. I met Michael Jantze(sp?) who writes The Norm, and had a very pleasant conversation. Matt’s right — he’s the bomb. I managed to get some signatures of actors and J.J. Abrams on a big alias poster that I’ll probably hang at work. I also got Brian Michael Bendis’s autograph on a hardcopy Ultimate Spidey trade, and gave him the line from Jared, his brother. He was minorly impressed. But, a good exchange nonetheless. I went to several panels on writing, and all I could think was ‘great ideas, but I should be writing!’. I came to the realization that I fill my life up with a lot of shit, and if I want to have the time to write, I have to start carving out the time for it, instead of just waiting for it to happen. Duh. But anyhow, it was a pretty good day. Went to The Field for dinner and had yummy Boxtsies, which are an Irish potato crepe, basically. Had much beer, and then ambled over to a party at the top of the Hyatt that Julie had to attend for work. It was thrown by a company that represents talent for animation, and boy did that suck the big donkey equipment. It was so fucking pretentious and Hollywood — kinda like being invited to the popular kid’s party, only to see them clique up and ignore you all night. We did spend a good amount of time talking to an awesome person, Adam (who is a comic writer, and who is a friend of Adrienne), but other than that — the party blew. We rolled out of there after two hours of maschocism , and then fell asleep. Today, we’re just totally taking it easy in the room. I woke up late, did my Artist Way morning pages, read some comics, did my morning yoga routine, showered, and now I’m blogging. There’s a Farscape panel at 2pm that I might go over to, since it’s now 1pm and I haven’t started the day. Why not? It is the last day, after all. Anyhow, I’ll let you all know how the day goes when I report in later. Next week is OSCON, which I’m really looking forward to. I’ll be blogging from there as well.

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