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Just got back from Vegas this past weekend, and without breaking the code (what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas) — it always leaves me a little off-kilter for the next few days. What a strange and artificial place, Vegas is. Its location is a metaphor for its existence. It was created in a desert, where there are no natural resources, no other local cities, no roads through the area, and really no reason at all to be there, other than the fact that things are legal there where they are not legal in most of the rest of the country. Now, there are lakes and pools and water fountains and 24/7 establishments, entertainment and sin of any flavor — just because they can. If you were to take away the sin, the city would die. It’s a shiny apple with a rotten core — all Illusion and no substance. And yet, there are people who live there, make their lives there, raise their families there. There are real people who live in this unreal place.
Money makes the world go round, and Vegas is spinning on its axis at a thousand miles an hour. It’s always fun to visit, but I really can’t take mor than a few days there before I’m just ready to go home to my safe life.

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