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Sometimes I should get my media from more than NPR

I’m sure all of you are aware of the pictures retreived from Iraq showing the attrocities committed against prisoners by American troops. I had heard about these and have been following the hearings on the radio, and hadn’t really had a good idea of exactly how bad these things had gotten until I decided to go to google and type in ‘iraq prison pictures’. Let me tell you, I was shocked and dismayed at the level of humiliation and abuse that has happened by our hands. Where are we, Vietnam?! There is no way this could have been the isolated few soldiers that Rumsfeld is trying to play this off as being. For this level of humiliation to take place, there needs to be widespread participation or at least complicity, at multiple levels along the echelon. Good way for us to win the hearts and minds of our enemies, eh?
Get this bunch of jokers out of office, and pull our forces out of that country. It’s the only way to save our face in the international community. Otherwise, the American people are backing and supporting these actions done in our name and with our authority.

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