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Another day, Another Monday

Okay, weekend’s over and strangely I just don’t feel rested. No matter, it’s just work anyhow. Speaking of work, Doodle Labs interviews their last candidate today, and they make a decison on who they’re hiring tomorrow. I wonder how this is all gonna turn out…
Jason moved up to the north bay over the weekend, and I couldn’t be more pleased. It’s a new era in their lives, and in our lives being so close together. The real trick is not to overwhelm them with attention right out of the gate, as I might be tempted to do :)> But seriously, this is frickin’ awesome.
I finished up the first hump of my consulting project for Stanford/Reuters, so I got a little time off Saturday night and all day Sunday. Oh my, almost a real weekend! Except I got busy with other stuff too. I think I might need to simplify.

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